Frozen Vegetarian Main Meals

(individual and multi-portion as shown)
(M) = Also available as 6 x 300g Microwavable Dish


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Asparagus & Stilton Wellington 18 x 200g

Range of frozen vegetarian ready meals

Roast Red Pepper Wellington 18 x 200g

Vegetable & Hazelnut Wellington 18 x 200g Vegan

Mushroom, Brie & Cranberry Wellington 18 x 200g

Roast veg and goats cheese strudel

Garlic Mushroom Strudel 12 x 230g

Roast Veg & Goats Cheese Strudel 12 x 230g

Spinach, Mushroom and Chestnut Strudel 12 x 230g

Italian Layer Bake 6 x 1.8 Kg or 6 x 330g (M) Berry-Glazed Nut Roast
Berry Glazed Nut Roast 18 x 10cm (each 165g min. weight)
Cashew, Brazil and Chestnut Roast 6 x 900g foils
Red Onion & Brie Cannelloni 6 x 1.8 Kg or 6 x 330g (M)
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni 6 x 1.8 Kg or 6 x 330g (M)
Carrot & Leek Lasagne 6 x 1.8 Kg or 6 x 330g (M)
Roasted Red Pepper Lasagne 6 x 1.8 Kg or 6 x 330g (M)
Leek & Bean Dijonaisse 6 x 1.8 Kg or 6 x 330g (M)
Aubergine and Mozzarella en Croute 10 x 230g
Chilli Bean Casserole 6 x 330g (M) Vegan
Savoury Vegetable Crumble 6 x 330g (M) Vegan
Shepherdess Pie 6 x 330g (M)
Vegetable Hotpot 6 x 1.8 Kg or 6 x 330g (M) Vegan
Glamorgan Sausage 36 x 84g
Spinach Leek and Cheese Crispbake 18 x 140g


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